4 Reasons College Students Should Invest in a Professional Headshot Photo

Having a great headshot photo reflects professionally upon students and helps in the job market. We are here to help both undergraduate and graduate students in Fort Collins and the Northern Colorado area get that perfect headshot photo!

1. Ditching selfies for headshots reflects better on you

Selfies are fun to take with friends and while on vacation! But is a cropped out selfie of you on the beach really how you want to present yourself in the professional world? Take a look at these photos with me.

You might guess, yes, that’s me. The left is the one I cropped out of a selfie, and the right is the one that Chelsea took using our professional lighting. If you have to choose between these photos for your profile photo, which one would you choose? (Hint: not the selfie.)

One of the first things college students are supposed to do is to set up their school email account. Also, a lot of classes have online components. A professional headshot photo as your profile image helps you stand out when working and communicating with faculty, staff, and other students, as well as potential employers.

2. People want to know who they will interact and work with

We all have a digital identity. If you google yourself, you can see a shocking amount of information about yourself unless you live in a cave. If you look up my name, for instance, my website comes up. (Granted, if you scroll, a photo of the North Korean president also comes up. Unfortunate…) Also, thanks to social media, it is easy to find details like what you do for a living. We may judge others based on what we find on the internet. For example, when we first hear about someone,we often look them up by searching on Google, LinkedIn, etc. to find out who they are and what they look like.

According to a Career Builder survey, 70% of employers will look at your social media pages before hiring you. That means they want to see who you are first even before they meet you in person. It is important to make a good first first impression on potential future employers!

3. You stand out from other candidates

Using a professional headshot for your profile photo (on LinkedIn, etc.) makes you stand out from other students. A good headshot showcases your personality – and we are here to help!

Recently, I took headshot photos for senior students in one of the departments at Colorado State University. During the graduation ceremony, graduate photos flashed across the big screen. The audience commented on how professional they all looked, asking what department students had such great photos? That is the type of impression you want to make on people!

4. You are investing in yourself

Okay, we’ve been there and we understand. As a college student, you probably aren’t rolling in the dough. Setting aside money for a headshot photo may not sound as exciting as drinks (meaning coffee, of course) out on the town. But! Think about it this way: you are investing in your future.

There are countless uses for a headshot photo, including social media platforms (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram), email accounts, online classes, (Tinder?), and more! You can even frame your headshot and place it on your desk so everytime you look at it, you feel confident and inspired to share more of yourself with others.

Previous clients have told us how surprised they were with all the uses they found for their headshot photos, and we feel confident you will too!

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